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Survival Knife Hacks – Blades By Brown Guide 101

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While going on a camping trip or just a hike, there is always a possibility that one might get lost or even people might fall into some form of trouble, but little do people know just having one top rated fixed blade knife can help them in this situation. It does no matter what type of a knife you have but as far as it is in good condition that it all you need. The following are few survival knife hacks that you must do and follow to survive in the wilderness.


1) Use easily available items to sharpen your knife

     While in the wilderness you are guaranteed not to have specialized knife sharpening tools which can help you sharpen your knife thus during times like these it is always good to improvise rather than leaving things to fate. You can use various items on and around you to sharpen your knives such as coffee mugs, plates and even river stones which are generally abundantly available in the wilderness.

2) Make a good grip

     Generally, knives do come with a good rip and handle, but at times of fear and hurry, no one can perfectly get a good grip on the knife especially if you have sweaty palms which are just going to land you even more in trouble. The simplest way to improve the grip on your knife is by tying rubber bands on various places on its handle. The rubber band acts as a great grip provider and ensures that you have complete control over the knife.

3) Make easy and Instant cover for your knife

     Sharpening the knife and making it have a great handle to control it will mean nothing if you can’t maintain the sharpness of the knife. Due to the regular use of the knife, it may tend to lose it sharpness and also to protect yourself you must most certainly add a cover over the blade. The best of adding a cover over the knife blade is by merely using a straw or even a plastic wrap which can help you maintain its sharpness for a more extended period of time and as I also allow you to keep the knife close to you at all times without the chance of you injuring yourself.

4) Use knife only when necessary  –

      For sure, knives might be a great tool when it comes to surviving in the wild but make sure to use it only when required. Knife’s steels are built to withstand most things, but at a certain point, it may also brake thus at times such as hunting or frightening away animals, stick and stops are perfectly valid tools.

5) Building necessary shelter should be your number one priority

      Having an easy to make a tent in the wilderness is obviously the easy way of living in the wild but no matter what it is one must always carry a knife with them. Knives are great tools with which you can gather various items such as big leaves, chunks of wood and you can even use a knife to make an instant rope which you can use to tie the leaves and wood to make a temporary tent.   

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